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Yonkers Wrestling Federation: No Ropes, No Rings, Just Mayhem


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The man of the year 2000. has been a one time ywf champion. He has major battles against MOD and Frankie brassilles. He has been a great wrestler that has reamained on to of the YWF ladder due to his talent. Rispo would really be the one to carry the YWF unto the new hights.He has had a long feud vs. MOD after he bet for MOD on a match and lost. He got really upset and smashed a guitar on MOD's head. Since that day MOD and Rispo have been sworn enemies and cannot stand to be around eachother.


Rispo performiing a dangerous move on top of this structure. Rispo has been known to get on dangerous situations. This pedigree sent rozek righ to dreamstreet.


Rispo 2000
  • Weight: 210 lbs.
  • Height: 6'
  • From: Italy
  • Titles: 1 YWF champion
  • qute: "I am the man of the new year 2000"
  • character: face

Rispo has had many feuds. Here is one he had vs. another ex-friend Frankie brassilles.


Here we see r2k hangin out backstage

Rispo has great history, but it is up to him to determine his own future.