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Yonkers Wrestling Federation: No Ropes, No Rings, Just Mayhem
YWF Rumors/News


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Heres what it is:

The YWF show was really good. It was the good product that the YWF usually brings to its fans. There were many things that we found out at this show. We Began by finding out that the "basket match" was postponed for this show and it would happen at the next show.

At the beginning of the "Pain and punishment" show Rozek came out, and MOD interrupted him. MOD made rozek agree to be the first one to start the "basket" match at the next show. So next show The champ will have all odds against him Lets all hope the best for him.

There were some surprise come-backs at the show as well. Chea who is now wants to be called "The Lion" came back in a very big way. He looked very good and gave an amazing performance at the show. The Cuban missile came back 100% from all his injuries. These two superstars looked hungry an ready to come to the YWF to kick some major butt.

Although, there were some disturbing and surprising absences as well. It came as a big surprise to me to see that Bobby Whittle, Syck and Nigtmare did not show up to the show. The boss was really upset and did not look happy due to this situation at all. The reasons of their absence is unknown, but I am sure that the reporter will have something about it on the rumor section bellow.

I am sure that more will develop as the weeks go by, so make sure that you came back soon to learn all about new happenings. Now, read bellow to see what rumors our reported has about all your favorite YWF stars.

YWF Rumors

Hello there YWF fans. Your YWF reporter here with some of the rumors about your favorite superstars.

    • First let me start with the Cuban missile. He came back and says to be 100%, well thats all a lie. Rumor has it that he still feels some pain in his knees. I also saw him going into the doctors office last week. Why would he need to go there Huh?
    • Why did Chea changed his gimmick to "the lion". It seems that this man wants to come back fierce and will go after the championship soon.
    • Why where the three guys Bobby,syck and Nightmare not at the show? Well The night before they were seen at the bar drinking and having a good times with the hoes. The next morning they were so messed up that they couldnt even get up. It seems that bobby is the one that invited the two other guys to go out and if the boss gives out punishment for their action, his will be the most severe.
    • Talking of Bobby some say that he really did not show up because he was scared of the Missile. I think that missile is the one spreading that rumor anyway. Well, Bobby did have a match against the missile and did not show, well, that looks very suspicious. They are again schedule to wrestle at the next show. To read some comments from bobby about this well, visit the sites GuestBook.
    • I heard MOD talking to some strange character behind close doors last week. Well Mod was congratulating this character and saying that "everything was going according to plan". He was also telling him that "now he knew what to do". What is MOD planning? well I guess we will see, and I cant wait to find out.

Well fans, this is all the rumors. I will have more next time.

last minute news are that the next show will be named "dangerous grounds".

I am working on something really good that I cannot say yet, so check back soon.

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