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Yonkers Wrestling Federation: No Ropes, No Rings, Just Mayhem
YWF Classics


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Blast From The Past

Great suplex by LSS on CHEA.

Stevens feels confortable with a Burger King tray on his hands.

Missile with a back kick to the MOD.

Misssile this time with a somoan alam.

But the big man was the MOD with the hevyweight title which he held for THREE years.

MOD falling from great heights, a 4ft. deck......

But when the big man gets mad he will send you through the wood. great shot of a powerbomb by MOD.

There is only one way that stevens can go at this point, and that's down.

MIssile giving chea a headache.

great performance by the missile, who won the EW2F Hardcore title on this event.

These are pictures from the last EW2F event before they chanched their name to the YWF. Cuban missile fought on a three way against, MOD and J.C Stevens for the hardcore championship.Theere was a bunch of new comers in this show including, LSS the little bother of BSS. Chea debuted in our circuit on this event Giving the missile a great match. This was MOD's first of three years as the champion. It was a great event that set the record for others to follow