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Yonkers Wrestling Federation: No Ropes, No Rings, Just Mayhem
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    Hello and welcome back YWF fans:

    I know there has not been an update lately, but rest assure that there will be soon. we are going to pay tribute to the great matches of the past we I will have some media of tdifferent matchest of the YWF/YWA?EW2F etc... Please just dubmit your requests and we will put your favorite match on a new spacial weekly gallery of the most memorable moments. so check back soon because it is going to be something that you have not seen before.... 



Hello and welcome YWF fans:

 As always here in the YWF we give you the exclusive information so here is what the "championship basket" is all about. PICTURE THIS!!!!!!

First we draw numbers from a hat. Each participant picks a number from one to whatever number of participants there are. (Most likely the entire roster will participate in this BIG match).

Then we put the championship at one extreme end of the park. And we put the 1st wrestler at the other extreme end of the park.

There are going to be different zones set up in the park in the path to get to the title. We put a wrestler in each zone according to the number each of them drew.

So, the person who drew a smaller number is in an earlier zone away from title, and the person who drew a bigger number is on a zone closer to the title.

Well, in order to win the title the person who starts has to wrestle his way through all the zones in order to get and grab the title and become champion.

The competitor goes through all the zones and only advances to the next until he has successfully defeated the opponent in that zone either by submission, TKO, or by a 3-count pin.

What happens if the person who started gets pinned or eliminated by a zone keeper, well the zone keeper takes its place and must go through the remaining zones on the quest for the title.

A winner is declared when someone gets to the title by pinning the last opponent in the last zone.

This match has the potential of being the best show of the year. If you have any questions you can email the boss at Later,

get this gear!

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