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Yonkers Wrestling Federation: No Ropes, No Rings, Just Mayhem


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The man of distruction. One of the biggest man that enjoys a great deal of success in Yonkers back yard wrestling circuit. has been in great championship battles. a guitar was smashed in his head by Rispo 2000. He enjoys destroying opponents. He is right now the biggest heal that the ywf  has right now.

champ for three years on the EW2F/YWA

has great rivalry against R2K.

Looks very good on a Tuxedo.

has a great list of moves.


  • weight:  250lbs.
  • from: Yonkers
  • Titles: Heavyweight/es2f,ywa,ywf
  • quote: "Distruction is coming your way"

MOD is a man that is capable to show us great things in the fuure.